GeoData Service

GeoData Service
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GeoData Service helps you target specific markets by providing pin point demographics, geography, and lifestyle data. It easily integrates into online applications and business processes, allowing you to instantly make marketing decisions based on geographical data. 

  • Census 2010
  • Understand your visitors better by geographical location
  • Customize the Web Experience - direct the user to a specific page with advertisements or information specific to each visitor
  • Redirects web pages based on geographical region for load balancing
  • Saves advertisement costs by Geo targeting for increased sales and click-through
  • Verify 5-digit ZIP with city and state
  • Reduce keystrokes and increase data entry accuracy
  • Provide customers with closest dealer information

Input Parameters
field name optional   example  
Longitude and Latitude * one * field required   longitude=-80.191741&latitude=26.322114
IP Address * one * field required   ipaddress=  
ZipCode * one * field required   zipcode=33444  
RadiusMiles optional (max value is 20)   radiusMiles=5  
MedianAgeLow optional   medianAgeLow=32  
MedianAgeHigh optional   medianAgeHigh=36  
IncludeCrimeData optional (true)   includecrimedata=true  
$format optional (json) xml is default   $format=json  
* This service suports fixed query.      
* The required parameters support up to 10 records separated by a pipe ("|") delimiter. No radius value is allowed.
    Example: zipcode=33444|33703|34990