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GeoData Service

We provide our clients with data quality services (demographic, geographic and lifestyle content) to help them enhance and validate contact information. We will exceed ALL expectations of our clients by ensuring prompt and quality service, while maintaining a professional atmosphere.

Companies are looking for new, more effective ways to identify and qualify customers while they are at a company's website, call center, or store location. Many businesses use data about customers' prior buying habits to target marketing activities and create compelling offers for new products or services. But this historical data only delivers part of the picture. By augmenting the customer data with value-added external information -- such as demographic, geographic and lifestyle data -- companies can get a clearer picture of who their customers are and who they are not. Having a complete view of the customer enables companies to improve customer relationships and identify new opportunities for selling, cross-selling, and fraud detection. Moreover, by understanding the actual geographic area of a customer's location and the customer's proximity to services, companies can make a rapid assessment of customer value as well as risk.


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